What Are Spiritual Gifts Anyway?

What Are Spiritual Gifts Anyway?

God has given each believer a combination of talents and gifts perfectly suited for them. Every
Christian has been given the ability to uniquely contribute to the body of Christ based on the
spiritual gift(s) they have received. Just as the organs in the human body function together to
ensure a person’s well-being, no Christian can enjoy spiritual vitality by existing in a vacuum.

Spiritual gifts can be defined as a divine endowment given to every member of the Body of
Christ. It is a special ability given by the grace of God and facilitated by the Holy Spirit according
to God’s purpose. One’s spiritual gift may be revealed at the re-birth or it may lay dormant for
some time. Unfortunately, spiritual gifts can be abused or neglected. Spiritual gifts are not the
same as the gift of the Spirit. According to 1st Corinthians 12: 4 and 11: There are diversities in
gifts, but the same Spirit; But one and the same Spirit works all these things; distributing to each
one individually, as He wills. Spiritual gifts are not the same as the Fruit of the Spirit. Spiritual
fruit is produced from within as a result of spending time with God. Whereas spiritual gifts are
imparted from the outside. Spiritual gifts are the not same as natural talent. Spiritual gifts are
God’s way of equipping believers for effective service and edification within the body of Christ. It
is important that every Christian discover and develop the spiritual gift(s) they have been given
by God because: (1) You will be satisfied; (2) Others will be Edified; and (3) God will be
Glorified! The types of gifts given by God are as follows:

• Apostles: The ability to articulate Christ, make disciples, and oversee new churches.
• Prophets: The ability to receive and proclaim a message from God.
• Evangelists: The ability to effectively lead unbelievers to accepting Jesus Christ.
• Pastors: The ability to lead, nourish, protect, and care for the needs of believers.
• Teachers: The ability to clearly and effectively explain God’s Word so that others will learn.
• Service: The ability to identify and care for the needs of people.
• Exhortation: Motivating others via spiritual truth that counsels, encourages, and/or consoles.
• Giving: Sharing personal resources with cheerfulness for the benefit of others.
• Leadership: Discerning God’s purpose, setting/communicating goals, and motivating others.
• Mercy: Showing deep empathy and compassion for others who are experiencing distress.
• Wisdom: Applying God’s Word in practical ways and taking the best course of action.
• Knowledge: The ability to discover, analyze, and systematize truth for the benefit of others.
• Faith: Unwavering confidence that God’s will be accomplished regardless of circumstances.
• Healing: Serving as God’s instrument to supernaturally cure illnesses and restore health.
• Miracles: The ability to perform supernatural acts that manifest and confirm God’s power.
• Distinguishing of spirits: The ability to discern the spirit of truth and the spirit of error.
• Tongues: The ability to receive and impart a spiritual message in an unlearned language.
• Interpretation of tongues: The translation of a message uttered in an unlearned language.
• Helps: The ability to enhance the effectiveness of others serving in ministry.
• Administration: The ability to lead a Christian organization toward fulfillment of its goals

As noted above, each believer in the Lord Jesus Christ has been given at least one spiritual gift.
If you are not sure what your gift is, ask God to reveal it to you. To increase your awareness
study what the Bible and other documents say about spiritual gifts; also talk with knowledgeable
Christians about this divine gift from the Father. God is committed to His church and our
maturity in Christ.


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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the Inspirational Writings that are being submitted by the NMCC Pastors and Ministers. They are enlightening and challenging. God bless each of you for making such an important deposit in our lives.

  2. The message on fear is often misunderstood and received out of context. I applaud the minister for providing further dialogue on the word fear which implies utmost respect for God who created us.

  3. Thank you, Pastors and Ministers for the Inspirational Writings they are very inspiring, and uplifting. I personal thank you all again for the work you do. Sometimes these writings are taken for granted but I appreciate your thoughts and efforts to help move God’s people forward.

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