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Aug 2018
Reverential Fear of God: An Important Component of Obedience

What is reverential fear, and how does it apply to understanding God?  Why is it important for us to fear God, because as we all are aware, He has not given us the spirit of fear? To have reverential fear means to have reverence.  It involves humbling oneself to the point where God is viewed with awe and a level of the utmost or highest respect; there is no desire to disobey Him because you dare not disappoint Him or cause His wrath.  Everything concerning Him, is deemed holy and sacred, therefore......

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Mirror Image

Mirror Image

What do you see when you look in the mirror? The terrible “Ts” (trials, tests, tribulations, temptations, & troubles) of Life tends to make us focus on other things over who we really are....

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  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the Inspirational Writings that are being submitted by the NMCC Pastors and Ministers. They are enlightening and challenging. God bless each of you for making such an important deposit in our lives.

  2. The message on fear is often misunderstood and received out of context. I applaud the minister for providing further dialogue on the word fear which implies utmost respect for God who created us.

  3. Thank you, Pastors and Ministers for the Inspirational Writings they are very inspiring, and uplifting. I personal thank you all again for the work you do. Sometimes these writings are taken for granted but I appreciate your thoughts and efforts to help move God’s people forward.

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